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Term of use in the website

The browsing and any other use of this website (the "Website") are subject to the terms and conditions specified hereunder. The use of this Website constitutes the consent of the Website's user (the "User") to these terms and conditions and his undertaking to act pursuant thereto.

1. The data and/or information being provided on this website (the "Information") has partially been received by third parties, including from other websites (the "Information Suppliers"); the Information is likely to change from time to time and is being provided "as is" for the User's convenience and personal use. Among other things, the User must take into account that, subsequent to our provision of the Information, changes may occur which may not necessarily receive expression on the Website.

2. Neither Oil refineries ltd. (the "Company") nor the Information Suppliers warrants the completeness or accuracy of the Information and they disclaims any responsibility for any damages and/or losses whatsoever that are liable to be caused due to use of the Website and/or of the Information presented therein, changes in response times, unavailability of the Website or of any of its components.

3. In any instance of a contradiction or inconsistency between the Information appearing on this Website and the information recorded in the Company's ledgers and/or appearing in official publications, the information recorded in the Company's ledgers and/or its official publications shall prevail, as the case may be. All English Information and publication are for convenience purposes only and in the only binding version of any such Information and publication is the Hebrew version. The company does not undertake to update any Information in the Website.

4. The Information in this Website is for convenience purposes only, It does not constitute a basis for investment decision, nor does it replaces independent collection and analyzing of Information and does not purport to express any recommendation and/or opinion and/or to substitute for the independent judgment of any potential investor.
The Information may contain various forward-looking statements, based on current data and expectations. Actual operations, results and other data may differ materially due to various risks and uncertainties, including the risk factors discussed in the company's periodic reports.

5. The Website is likely to enable downloads of files including software (the "Files"). The Company and/or the Files manufacturer disclaim responsible for any damages whatsoever that are liable to be caused as a result of the Files downloads as aforesaid and/or as a result of use of any of the Files downloaded from the Website. The Files and any other Information on the Website are provided solely for the user's information and are not to be copied or distributed to any other person.

6. The Company disclaims responsible for any content and/or services appearing in websites that are linked to this Website and/or that are advertised in advertisements appearing in those linked websites or in this Website.

7. This Website, the Information, the downloadable Files and other elements being contained in it, are likely to be protected by copyright laws in Israel and abroad. Subject to fair use only being made of the Website pursuant to these laws, no copying, alteration, dissemination or commercial use may be made of the aforementioned, without obtaining authorization from the owners of these rights.

8. Software may be operated on the Website to collect information on the use being made of the Website, for purposes of improving the site and its use. Also, the information provided by the Users is likely to be stored in the Company's data bases and be used by the company, inter alia, to send information to such users.

9. The laws of the State of Israel shall apply to the use of the Website and to every matter deriving from such use. The Haifa District Court shall have the sole jurisdiction with respect to any matter pertaining to thereto.

10. The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to discontinue the activity of the Website, whether entirely or partially, to change the content of the website and to change these terms. Any change in these terms shall be binding immediately after its appearance in the Website. The User undertakes to keep abreast of any changes.