Separation by distillation: Processes that result in groups of products, according to the differences in their boiling points. The refining of crude oil leaves an unrefined residue that is used to make asphalt and fuel oil.

Cracking and reformation
: Which alter the chemical composition of some of the materials separated out, so as to give rise to products of a higher added value

A finishing-off process the purpose of which is to purify and cleanse the products of the separation processes, and to improve the qualities of such (such as reduction of sulphur content)

Finishing: The products undergo finishing, in order to meet the requisite parameters

Refinery Products:
Light gasses - for energy and industry.
Liquefied petroleum gas - (a mixture of propane and butane) – for home cooking and as a raw material for industry.
Naphtha - as a raw material for industry.
Various kinds of gasoline - for combustion in gasoline engines.
Kerosene - fuel for jet airplanes, and for heating.
Various kinds of gasoil - for combustion in diesel engines, for heating homes and for use in the industry.
Various kinds of fuel oil - heavy fuel used as fuel for industrial furnaces and in the production of electricity.
Waxy substances - substances that bind at relatively high temperatures, and that are used as raw materials in the manufacture of lubricants for lubricating moving parts in machines, and for manufacturing candles and other uses).
Bitumen - solid at ordinary temperatures, is used for tarring roads and manufacturing sealing products.